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The Pumpkin Patch Kids
The Pumpkin Patch Daycare

The Pumpkin Patch

The Pumpkin Patch   Since 1979

After School

When school is out and parents are still at work, children need a safe place to be with their friends, with structured activities, supportive adults, and good nutrition. The Pumpkin Patch provides a warm, caring environment beyond school hours where your children have the opportunity to play with school friends and get homework out of the way before the family sits down to dinner.

The Pumpkin Patch offers exciting activities which stimulate children to be healthier and happier, utilizing age-appropriate materials and equipment for students. Students spend out-of-school hours in safe and stimulating environments. The Pumpking Patch teachers work to ensure their programs supplement the learning taking place during the school day.

Besides academic support, The Pumpkin Patch focuses on the development of students’ social skills. Students are encouraged to develop friendships with schoolmates that for some will last many years.